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1:20 pm

20 min

October 23, 2022


The Six Traits of Highly Successful Emerging Brand/Contract Manufacturing Relationships

Why do some emergent brands successfully partner with external manufacturing and packaging firms while others struggle or completely fail? Why have some relationships flourished post-Covid, while others have struggled or flopped? To answer these and similar questions, we will delve into the six traits of highly successful emergent brand/contract manufacturing relationships. With a nod to Stephen Covey, we will look at both the specifics and the fundamentals of successful relationships, as well as a few flameouts. While we can’t name names, we will dig deep into the best practices on both these emergent brands and contract manufacturing partners. We’ll wrap up by looking at what both emergent brands and their contract manufacturing partners can do to increase the value of these vital and evolving supply chain relationships.

Carl’s work is based his findings in the Contract Packaging Association State of The Industry Report and over 25 years of working with many of the industry’s most successful contract manufacturers.

Exclusive: Participants will also receive The Melville Group’s white paper, The Six Traits of Highly Successful Brand/Contract Manufacturing Relationships.