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10:20 am

20 min

October 23, 2022


Preparing to Commercialize and Scale

Scaling is the repeated commercialization of products as volume and velocity realities change. Commercialization is the synergy of raw materials, processing, and distribution that helps deliver the intended consumer experience with the product. Production methodologies change dramatically at various scales. Materials are sourced from different suppliers with numerous packaging and storage options. Order fulfillment and logistical best practices for optimal costs change as quantities change and speed & reliability of shipments improves. In the end, an organization is in a continuous state of flux as it grows sales over time, but systematic improvement can be baked into the processes of an organization, if leadership is intentional about it. In this session, a summary of commercialization and scaling considerations is presented with anecdotes to demonstrate best practices or entertaining near successes.

Attendees of this presentation will learn:

  • How to prepare your product for working with a larger production scale
  • How to develop your supply chain to reduce COGS
  • How to analyze your operations for scalability
  • How to automate continuous improvement