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8:50 AM
45 min

[Panel Discussion] Piecing Together the Co-Man/Co-Pack Puzzle: Find the Answers You Need

Carl Melville - The Melville Group
Cathy Bacon - Freedom Foods, LLC
DeAnn Devenney - Maverick Packaging Inc. (contract packager)
Leslie Dahlin - GreenSeed Contract Packaging, Inc.
Rick Mastroianni - TRM Services (contract manufacturer)

10:20 AM
20 min

Preparing to Commercialize and Scale

Jamie Valenti-Jordan - Catapult Commercialization Services

10:45 AM
20 min

Labeling Crash Course

Eric Greenberg - Eric F. Greenberg, P.C.

11:10 AM
20 min

Launch Your Brand with Sustainable Packaging Baked In

Paul Jenkins - ThePackHub
Matt Reynolds - Packaging World

12:30 PM
20 min

Is Self Manufacturing the Holy Grail? It May Just Be.

Michael Sigel - So Good Brand, Inc.

12:55 PM
20 min

How to Translate a Brand Promise into Packaging (or, Why a Healthy Dose of Ignorance is a Good Thing)

Stanley Hainsworth - Tether

1:20 PM
20 min

The Six Traits of Highly Successful Emerging Brand/Contract Manufacturing Relationships

Carl Melville - The Melville Group

2:15 PM
45 min

[Panel Discussion] CPG Knowledge Exchange: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Ayeshah Abuelhiga - Mason Dixie
Candice Crane - Petal Sparkling Botanicals
George Stege - Simple Mills
Graham Sorkin - The Functional Chocolate Company
Tom Egan - PMMI