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Clarice Owens
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Healthy Oceans Seafood Company
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My name is Clarice Owens and I am the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Healthy Oceans Seafood Company - the owner of the brand Pescavore. We are a Santa Cruz, California based vertically integrated manufacturer of sustainable, wild-caught seafood products.

Our flagship product, Pescavore, is a 1.5 oz single serve portion of tuna jerky that contains 5 times the omega 3s, half the sodium and 5 times less sugar than the nation’s leading meat snack. Our locally caught tuna has a fraction of the carbon footprint of meat and is a first of its kind innovation in the 3 billion-dollar US meat snacks category. We’re bringing consumers the delicious flavors, premium ingredients, and powerful functionality they want and deserve.

I started my career as the first black female conferred in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s more than 100-year program in Aerospace Engineering. I made meaningful contributions in top tier technology companies like Boeing, Solar Turbines and Bloom Energy before shifting my focus toward sustainable food systems. Today our team works on market-based approaches that build capacity and value in US seafood supply chains while relieving structural deficiencies that are responsible for negative impacts on fishermen and on the environment. I am passionate about the intersection between food and technology and bring with me an outsider perspective to a legacy industry that is ripe for disruption. 

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Clarice Owens